Friends on a mission to honour the science and spirit of post-traumatic GROWTH.

We’re rooted in a belief that challenge and adversity can be a springboard for growth in all aspects of someone’s life. For some, this form of post-traumatic growth (PTG) activates certain virtues, possibilities, and leadership values that no other type of self-growth can trigger.

Mastering a weapon can be one of those challenges. Ultra LRS is designed to make you a better shooter, yes. But it’s also designed to make you a better human through skill development which requires patience, determination, focus, contemplation and heightened awareness.

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Jeff Depatie
Jeff DepatieInstructor
Jeff is your instructor for Ultra LRS. He’s also the Chief Course Architect of the Special Forces Experience’s “The Process”

He retired from JTF2, Canada’s Tier 1 special forces unit in 2018 after 15 years in the CA military and multiple combat deployments. He specializes in weapons handling, post-traumatic growth, and elite team selection.

Jessica Depatie
Jessica DepatieShooter
Jessica is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Special Forces Experience and a Shadow Work Educator.

She helps people uncover their blind spots, decode their negative patterning, and rewire their subconscious with the methods of Western Astrology, Gene Keys, Free Soul Methods, Dreamporting, and Beginner Human Design.
She also, now, enjoys long range shooting and is training for her first competition.

L. Zachariah Montgomery
L. Zachariah MontgomeryFilmmaker
Zachariah is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, and the Chief Examiner of the Special Forces Experience. He specializes as a project director with a background in philosophy who also works in brand development, organizational narrative, and content curation.

He has background experience with international NGO’s, the federal prison system, feature documentaries, commercial & narrative film, and personal development programs.

Baki is a Belgian Malinois who specializes in playing chase, chewing on his Kong and protecting his chickens. He’s a multipurpose ass-kicking machine + fuzzy house pet.


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